This is a recap & more information from :<BR><BR><BR><BR>I have two machine sitting one next to the other<BR>Machine A<BR>Machine B<BR><BR>Machine A holds Windows 2000 Server (sp2)<BR>Machine B holds Windows 2000 Professional (sp2)<BR><BR>Machine A is my Web Server<BR>I work on my Machine B using Visual Interdev (sp5 for Visual Studio)<BR><BR>Today are company is splitting in two. So we now have Company A and Company B<BR>I had to change the domain of my two computers(machine A & machine B) from Company A<BR>to Company B.<BR><BR>So far things are working great... so far!<BR><BR><BR>Now I open my browser (Internet Explorer 5.5 sp2)<BR>and connect to my web project from my machine to machine A.<BR><BR>I can see my default.asp page which holds a simple &#060;form&#062;...&#060;/form&#062;<BR>and two &#060;textbox&#039;s&#062; and a submit &#060;button&#062;<BR><BR>The action attribute is set to "login.asp"<BR><BR>In login.asp I retrieve the value from the submitted &#060;form&#062; into variables<BR><BR>I then create a cookie on the user&#039;s machine.<BR><BR><BR>NOTE: This code has never been changed and *always* worked.<BR>Now I know things don&#039;t just *automagically* stop working but<BR>I&#039;m affraid this is one of those things or just an exception to <BR>the rule.<BR><BR><BR><BR>The problem is that when I enter data into the two &#060;textbox&#039;s&#062; and <BR>then click on the submit &#060;button&#062;. The cookie isn&#039;t created on my machine <BR>I&#039;ve opened my "Documents and Settings" folder and clicked on the Cookies<BR>Folder of my profile and hit F5 (refresh) to see if the cookie has been created<BR>but it hasn&#039;t.<BR><BR>From that *same* browser window, I then decide to connect to<BR>I then hit F5 (refresh) on my Cookies Folder inside "Documents and Settings"<BR>and I can see that a cookie has been created from yahoo.<BR><BR>I can then conclude that my browser&#039;s setting accepts cookies. Just to double check,<BR>I open my browser&#039;s Tools--&#062;Internet Options and make sure my cookies are enable.<BR>And they are!<BR><BR><BR>So Why isn&#039;t my cookie created if I coonect to my server (machine A)<BR>but if i connect to yahoo then a cookie is created ?<BR><BR>Like I said, before the switch of domain it worked so I&#039;m pretty sure<BR>that it has to do with the switch of domain.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve checked in the IIS console the propeties of the "Default Web Site"<BR>and allowed Read/Write/Log visits and Index this resource. I&#039;ve also <BR>enable Anonymous access and Integrated Windows authentication.<BR><BR>Other then that I can&#039;t really think of anything else<BR><BR>Anyone ?<BR><BR>Sincerely<BR>Vlince