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    hi-<BR>I like to test out new client side code as standalone script, so I create a text file with a .js extension and away I go. <BR><BR>BUT, I&#039;m tryin to pop an alertbox <BR>alert(&#039;test&#039;);<BR><BR>and I get an &#039;Object expected&#039; error??<BR><BR>What object does it want?<BR>I&#039;ve done lot&#039;s of VBS prototyping this may and a MsgBox() works fine, so I assumed that an alert() would too.<BR><BR>Anyone have an idea?<BR><BR>

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    Default I think...

    ...that alert is actually a method on the Window object in the browser. (Note that you can call alert form VBS code in HTML pages.)<BR><BR>Yep...I just double checked. It is.<BR><BR>No Window object, no alert.<BR><BR>

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