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    I am trying to add a field to a table within a t-SQL<BR>stored procedure. The syntax I am using is <BR> Alter table myTable<BR> add newfield real<BR><BR>The problem that is occuring is that my stored procedure <BR>does not recognize the alter command immediately after <BR>I alter the table. Is there a special command that I must add so that it saves the field. Or should I use a timer. <BR><BR>

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    I noticed this problem if I change a table structure and try to compile a SP directly in SQL Server. I need to close the SP window and open it again and it works.....<BR><BR>I am guessing for ASP scripting, try closing the recordset you are using to alter the table. You might even want to try to close the connection to force a refresh on the connection too... Just a guess though... I will check to see if there is a command....<BR><BR>Paulee

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