Cant change font size?

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Thread: Cant change font size?

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    Default Cant change font size?

    Hello,<BR> Quick question I hope. For some reason, I cannot change the font size through Browser Menu (View--&#062;Text Size--&#062;...). I am using style sheets. Is there any reason why this would happen? Thanks for taking a look.<BR><BR>Harry C

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    Default I think it depends...

    ...on how you specified the font size in the style sheet.<BR><BR>If you used an absolute size, then that overrides everything.<BR><BR>It&#039;s why you should, when possible, specify font sizes via the relative names (e.g., "medium", "small", "xsmall", "xxsmall"). I believe you can also specify them as a percentage of a base size.<BR><BR>But pixels (or centimeters or whatever) are no-nos if you want the stuff to be adjustable by the user.<BR><BR>

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