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    Hi there! I&#039;m new to and trying to convert an existing app. Does anyone have a code example they can provide on how to call a stored proc with a parameter while reading and creating an output string from another stored proc? I have been successful executing and reading the first stored proc, but don&#039;t know how to call the 2nd, and 3rd, and 4th at the same time :( The parameters in the other stored procs are based on the results of the 1st stored proc. Nothing like jumping right into this stuff ;)<BR><BR>Thanks in advance....<BR><BR>Terri

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    Do you actually *do* anything with the results of the first proc? If not you&#039;d better call the second proc from the first.<BR><BR>If this isn&#039;t possible, I don&#039;t understand your problem.<BR><BR>Execute first proc and store output in SomeVar<BR><BR>Execute second proc and pass SomeVar as a parameter.<BR><BR>Not sure what you don&#039;t get. Show some code of what you have right now maybe?

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