I wonder if there&#039;s a smarter way to categorize data in ASP.NET, than the way I&#039;m doing it in classic ASP.<BR>I need to graphically show data in a categorized way, like this:<BR><BR>Category<BR> Product<BR> Product<BR><BR>Category<BR> Product<BR> Product<BR> Product<BR><BR>Category<BR> Product<BR><BR>I have 2 tables in SQL server, one called Categories and the other Products.<BR><BR>Categories table<BR>----------------<BR>PK_ID int (primary key, identity)<BR>Name nvarchar (50)<BR><BR>Products table<BR>----------------<BR>PK_ID int (prim. key, identity)<BR>FK_CatId int (the PK_ID of Categories table)<BR>Name nvarchar (50)<BR><BR><BR><BR>I normally pull all of the categories out and store them in array. Then I loop through that array and for each element in it, I&#039;d run<BR>a SQL-query to get all of the products associated with that element.<BR><BR>&#039; Pseudo VBScript-code <BR>&#039; Select all categories an put them in an array and loop through it.<BR><BR>catArray(pkid,name) = SELECT PK_ID,Name FROM Categories<BR>FOR i = lBound(catArray) to uBound(catArray)<BR> response.write catArray(name,i)<BR><BR> proArray(name) = SELECT name FROM Products WHERE FK_CatId = catArray(pkid,i)<BR> FOR p = lbound(proArray) to uBound(proArray)<BR> response.write "nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;" & proArray(name,p)<BR> NEXT<BR>NEXT<BR><BR><BR>I know that this isn&#039;t the most beautifull way to do it, so can you please help me??