Hello Sir,<BR><BR> I have the following Problems in ADO Recordset Object. <BR><BR> i. If updation is performed in a single row of an ADO recordset retrived from a Table which doesn&#039t have any primary key or a unique key, results in multi rows updation. This also Leads to an error and gives the message "Insufficient field key information; Too many rows updated."<BR><BR> ii. Whether Index and seek method is applicable in ADO Recordset Object. If possible Please give a hint on this.<BR><BR> iii. When MSHirarchical(OLEDB) Flex Grid is bounded using ADO Data Control it allows maximum upto 2049 records. Please give a comment on this.<BR><BR> iv. How to update a data("Peter&#039s") with a single Quote.<BR><BR> Please give suggessions on the above problems. Your reply is EAGERLY EXPECTED.<BR><BR> Thanking you,<BR><BR> Vinod Kumar. P. S<BR>u can reach me at vinodkumarps@yahoo.com