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    bothering with stored procedure witin a small site I have around 10 asp pages and around 1000 records. <BR>If it is I have this code what/ how does it become a stored proc.<BR>/////////////////<BR>&#060;%<BR>&#039;this displays the story and image<BR>dim rsb<BR>dim rsc<BR>topicid = request.querystring("topicid")<BR>articleid = request.querystring("articleid")<BR>pathid = request.querystring("pathid")<BR>Set rsb = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet") <BR>sqltxt ="SELECT path.pathstory, article.articleimage, article.articleid, article.articlealt, article.articlealign "<BR>sqltxt = sqltxt & "FROM path INNER JOIN "<BR>sqltxt = sqltxt & "article ON path.pathid=article.articlelink "<BR>sqltxt = sqltxt & "WHERE article.articleid = &#039;" & articleid & "&#039;"<BR>sqltxt = sqltxt & "AND path.pathid = &#039;" & pathid & "&#039;" <BR> sqltxt, objConn <BR>Do Until rsb.EOF <BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Thanks to anyone with any help on this one

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    But it isn&#039;t the number of pages or records that matters, it&#039;s the number of hits per second.<BR><BR>If you are getting over one hit per second, you should probably be using SP&#039;s.<BR><BR>If you are over 3 per second you should definitely be using SP&#039;s.<BR><BR>If you are over 10 per second, you should be migrating to .NET, along with SP&#039;s.<BR><BR>Okay, truthfully, you should consider them even if you are only getting a handful of hits per minute. Let&#039;s face it, if the ASP pages run faster, then there is more time left over on the machine to do other important things.<BR><BR>But at one hit per minute or lower...I doubt you&#039;d ever be able to even find the difference in performance without a tool to help you do so.<BR><BR>

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