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    When looking at sites like amtrak.com, they have a text box to enter in train station codes. If you don&#039;t know the station code, you can click on a link call List Stations and a smaller browser window opens with all the stations listed and their codes. When you click on a code, the window closes and puts that code in the correct text box. All their code is in Java, is there a way to do this in ASP? Is there a site or article that can help me do this? To do this on my own, can I use session variables or should I use something else?<BR><BR>Thanks, FRED

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    ...been done thousands of times on many sites.<BR><BR>And you said:<BR>&#062; all their code is in Java, is there a way to do this in ASP? <BR><BR>No, their code is in JavaSCRIPT, which is quite different than Java.<BR><BR>And you certainly do not *WANT* to do this in ASP code, when it is so easy to do with JavaScript.<BR><BR>Why not figure out how they do it? Just RIGHT CLICK anywhere in the popup and look at the source code.<BR><BR>As an alternative, look here:<BR> http://www.ClearviewDesign.com/NEWBIE<BR>and look at the Popup Calendar demo. Which does the same thing.<BR><BR>

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