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    I have two websites which could benefit from image compression technology.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the scenario:<BR><BR>Users upload images to the website. At the moment, the webmaster downloads these images, and optimizes them manually, then re-uploads to the site. Given the volume, this becomes quite tedious!<BR><BR>So, I am looking for a way to enable automatic image compression - such that if the image doesn&#039;t need cropping or other editing, the webmaster can click a button and the image will be resized (max of 275x275) and optimized (max of 10KB).<BR><BR>The application is on a Linux server, using ASP (via Chilisoft) - but we have access to PHP if that is easier for this purpose.<BR><BR>Can anyone point me in the right direction?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Drew<BR>

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    Default You won't do it in ASP...;ll have to find a C/C++ or maybe Java library. Whether such a library exists that is callable from PHP, I dunno.<BR><BR>From C!S ASP, about the only practical way would be to find a Java-written library. Then you can use the "ChiliBean" to invoke Java code from ASP (not hard).<BR><BR>But the first trick is simply finding some compiled code that will do this. (You don&#039;t necessarily need source--esp. for the C!S ASP solution--but you do need class files or, *maybe* with PHP, the libraries and entry points thereto.)<BR><BR>

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