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    I am getting a subscript out of range error when I try to redim preserve an array. If I take the preserve keyword out it works fine but then I obviously loose the existing data. Looking at the code below can anyone see what I am doing that would cause the subscript out of range error. The error message says it is happening on the line that says: ReDim preserve array2(i,j)<BR><BR>thanks Jason<BR><BR>i = 1<BR>j = 3<BR>ReDim array2(i,j)<BR>For Each item In Request.form <BR> array1 = split(item, "_") <BR> if array1(0) = "txtStepno" then<BR> i = i + 1 <BR> ReDim preserve array2(i,j)<BR> array2(i,0) = Request.form(item) <BR> end if <BR>next

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    check the manual out concerning Preserve. You can only preserve the last dimension in an array.

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