Just when we get the OWC charts working, here&#039;s a new conundrum. I&#039;m trying to feed a PivotTable with external XML data from another URL. The docs say to do the following:<BR><BR>PivotTable.ConnectionString = "provider=mspersist";<BR>PivotTable.CommandTex t = [your URL here].<BR><BR>I created another ASP to generate my XML - works just fine. The pivot table ASP needs to pass the selection params to the XML ASP, and I get the wierd error<BR><BR>"Data shape command text contains a syntax error at or near position 146 in the command<BR>P_TestDataCube.ASP?init=actx:connect&sf =1=1%20AND%20{PROJECTS.PROJECTNUMBER}%20IN%20[&#039;09Y95810&#039;,&#039;09Y95801&#039;,&#039;09 Y95811&#039;]%20AND%20{ASSIGN.DATE_R}%20&#062;=%20Date(2002,%20 6,%2025)&prompt0=[&#039;09Y95810&#039;]&prompt1=(All)&prompt2=(All)&prompt3=Date(2002,12, 24)&prompt4=[]&promptOnRefresh=0&user0="wfs"&password0="wfs"<BR> <BR>Now, the URL has a legacy: it&#039;s Crystal Reports syntax, which the XML ASP interprets to generate the SQL. The XML ASP works well - I&#039;ve saved the resulting XML as a file, and the pivot table works great when I point to it. <BR><BR>What do I need to do? I suppose I could deal with all those parameters on this page and pass a "sanitized" version to the XML ASP, but will that do any good? Why is it trying to invoke data shaping?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help.<BR><BR>Jim Stanley<BR>Jacobs Engineering<BR><BR>