&nbsp;<BR>I look for component that collect information from form sent it to vendor and in the end of the month<BR>I will get a report from all the customers who sent the invoice to the hotel .<BR><BR>Here the details :<BR><BR>1. The customer visit in my website, he find hotel and what to sent reservation . <BR>He fill his details, date of arrival, number of people, E-mail address, address, credit card number, comment, the name of the hotel, or the car that he want to rent and submit the form. <BR>2. This form submit to my as E-mail. One copy for me and the anther copy go to the vendor or to the hotel E-mail . <BR>3. The E-mail is standard.<BR>4. At the End of the month I want to receive a report for each hotel .<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Oren <BR><BR>Component that can be suitable for application in the travel Industry<BR>