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    Hi! I need to create an array of file names, using FSO. The problem is, I'm looking for only certain files that are in the directory. For example, let's say the path for the fso is C:/ThisDir/ and I want to create an array of files whose filenames include "20020623". How do I tell fso to search for that in the file name? Thanks for any help. It's greatly appreciated.

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    Default You've got to loop..

    .. through the directory, checking each file. If the string is IN the other string (use VBScript&#039;s InStr() function), then that&#039;s a file you need. If not, move to the next file.<BR><BR>I think there are FAQs in (link in upper-right corner) on the FileSystemObject. Check them - there already might be one that you need.<BR><BR>Oh, yeah - this isn&#039;t advanced.

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