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    I have a single page with both images and derived data. How do I get this page to cache the images, but not the data derived from a database? I don't want it to keep re-getting the images, but I want the date collected everytime. I've tried putting the script part in a #include, but that didn't work...

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    Default I don't think that you..

    .. can have your cake and eat it to.<BR><BR>Try using Frames or IFrames or something that will leave the images in-tact while only refreshing the data.

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    Default And I think you're wrong, Doug :)

    To an extent anyway.<BR><BR>If you set up content expiration in IIS on the images directory, then whenever the client re-requests an image, IIS will return solely the HTTP code for "use the one in your cache".<BR><BR>However, in theory, ASP pages should never be cached unless you go out of your way to do it (because they set cookies, and don&#039;t contain any last-modified data etc).<BR><BR>That said, you can&#039;t control the client&#039;s caching very much, unfortunately. It&#039;s a kind of "this SHOULD work, but will only catch 50% of people at the most".<BR><BR>You never know, you may be able to put the HTTP META "don&#039;t cache" tag in your HTML, but set the images up as cached, then the browser will request the page and get a non-cached version, but IIS should not allow them to re-request an image they already have.<BR><BR>That&#039;s the theory..<BR><BR>Craig.

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