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    does anybody know the right format for time (adding minutes):<BR>select....<BR>between something & something <BR>sql = sql & "AND #" & Request ("time_start") + Format(Request ("time_start"), mm + 30) & "# "<BR>thank you in advance.<BR>sarah

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    There are a couple of ways to do it. One being the datediff in SQL and another using datediff and dateadd in VBScript. Check out these sites and let me know if they help:<BR><BR>http://www.outlook.useast.net/vbsdoc/vbsdoc/73.htm<BR>http://www.outlook.useast.net/vbsdoc/vbsdoc/70.htm<BR>http://www.outlook.useast.net/vbsdoc/vbsdoc/75.htm<BR><BR>Jason<BR>syscoc@firstusa.com<BR>(512 )623-2531<BR>

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