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    Hello<BR>I have an asp page(1st page) with text boxes and check boxes. I store the information on this page in a flat file. Later I pull back the information from the flat file and display it on another .asp page(2nd page). The 2nd page looks exactly the same as the 1st page.My problem is how do I get to activate the check boxes on this display page(2nd page) if they have been checked on the original page. In other words if I select(check) a particular check box on the 1st page how do I get to make it look selected(checked) on the 2nd page.<BR>Please do let me know if you have the solution for this problem at<BR>Thanks<BR>Arshad.<BR>

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    I&#039m kinda a newbie on this.. but I&#039ve run into the same problem with useing Radio Buttons.. it seems that ASP can&#039t see the &#039checked&#039 properity of a radio/Check box.. so the way that I thought up to get around it.. is to set the &#039value&#039 of each radio/Check box and read that...<BR><BR>So what you could do is...<BR> If you have 3 Check boxes.. on ASP1.asp... <BR> then set the value to 1, 2, and 3<BR> save that data to your flat file..<BR><BR> read in the value from the flat file on ASP2.ASP<BR> and set the &#039checked&#039 as needed..<BR><BR>I hope that helps!!!

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