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    Ed McBerio Guest

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    We are looking to automate a system where we export large csv files from a DBase IV system and ftp them up to a SQL7 server for internet use. The data is fairly sensitive, needs to be uploaded daily (and ad-hoc) and the files could potentially be many megabites. We can automate the export and ftp, however... <BR><BR>I have two queries:<BR>1. How do we automate the import into SQL7 - can we set up a batch file to run once every four hours and import the csv into the database?<BR>2. What is the most practical and secure way to transfer these flat files? Can we ftp to SSL space and have SQL7 pick it up?<BR><BR>Any ideas or pointers would be really great! Many thanks.

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    Andy P Guest

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    Answer to part one:<BR><BR>Create a DTS (Data Transformation Service) Package to import the CSV file. After it is created, schedule the package to be run every 4 hours. All of this is documented on SQL Books Online.

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