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Thread: Clearing Specific Fields in a Form

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    Default Clearing Specific Fields in a Form

    I have a form that depending on what the drop down select box shows different fields will show up. What I need to know is if I can do a document.myform.myfield.reset. I know that document.myform.reset will reset the entire page and I only want to reset certain parts of the form depending on the drop down select box. I think i will have to do several if...then... statements to accomplish this because i have eight different sections of the form. is there a better way to do this or is what I am thinking the best way to do this? Thanks in advance.

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    Default If you store....

    ..the state of each form element when the page loads, then you could quite simply just look up what the element&#039;s value was when the form loaded, and return it to that.<BR><BR>Ok, you&#039;ll have to be careful with dropdowns and radio buttons, etc, but it SHOULD be quite straight-forward.<BR><BR>Craig.

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