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    Hi <BR><BR>CreatePage.asp contains a user form with several fileds . but the most imp is the date field . <BR><BR>what i want is the onlclick of the button" Create Page " a .htm file is created with the name as what ever is inputed as the date <BR>( e.g. . 8june2002.htm) . And also it shud be saved to a set folder and if the file exists just over write .<BR>Another thing happening is on click is that the use goes to display.asp which is the the same has the file which has been created and saved in the folder..<BR><BR>Hope i m able to explain you . <BR><BR>plz help urgently <BR>

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    You know you can&#039;t create the file on the user&#039;s computer don&#039;t you? Only on the server. If this is what you want to do have a look at:<BR><BR>

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