Can't view asp files, but I could last week!

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Thread: Can't view asp files, but I could last week!

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    Katie3 Guest

    Default Can't view asp files, but I could last week!

    Hello, <BR><BR>Question from a beginner - apologies if it&#039s very stupid!<BR>I know that I&#039ve got the right setup on my PC to view asp files correctly (or did have), because I could see my test.asp file last time I tried - a few days ago. Now, if I try to open the url, instead of displaying, Netscape prompts me to open or save the file. If I choose open, it then spans a new Netscape window with another &#039Open&#039 or &#039Save&#039 box and a temporary .asp filename, which continues until I give up in frustration and my screen is covered with windows. <BR><BR>The only thing I&#039ve done since last week is to associate the filename .asp with a text editor for easy editing. However I&#039ve since removed this from the associations in My Computer. If I try and add it back in, with Netscape as the program to open, it makes no difference. <BR><BR>Is there anything I can do (please don&#039t say use IE). <BR><BR>Thanks in advance, <BR><BR>katie <BR>

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    Default RE: Can't view asp files, but I could last wee

    if you choose file open from the browser it probally wont work. You have to open asp files through some type of a server like PWS. It has to be a path like http://www.yourcomputer/aspfile.asp<BR>This might help

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    Corin Guest

    Default Win 98 or NT?

    What O/S are you using?

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    katie3 Guest

    Default Sam - Thankyou!

    DOH! Thankyou, that does work now, of course. It&#039s obvious when you know the answer, but I just didn&#039t think about it. <BR><BR>Thanks again<BR><BR>Katie

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