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    I've made a website that requires some reporting features. The way i've made this work is the user can select some records then click on a report button which pops up a new window in which the user can choose some report details and formats then the report is generated in that window. If a user makes a new report it reuses that window. The problem I have is that if the user creats a Excel report then the excel page opens in that window as it should, but when I try to reuse that window I get a javascript error "member not found" essentially I'm unable to reuse that window after Excel has used it. I don't have that problem with html,xml or text reports, but as soon as it's an excel report it stops working. Any suggestions?

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    Default hard without seeing your code...

    you open an Excell object on the client...Correct.<BR><BR>I have never come accross your problem, but, I would ask myself if I should close objects before reusing the script.

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