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    Bridgette Guest

    Default CDO MAIL HELP

    Does anyone know how to setup CDO Mail, or I need a mail Program that will send out mail from the server end. Please help anyone Thank You

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    Sathiya Guest

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    if u have IIS then add SMTP component then configure SMTP, set the DOMAIN and gateway simple stuff. thats it u can use CDO or CDONTS but better ask your NT guy to start SMTP service so u dont want to worry about all the configurations

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    Bridgette Guest

    Default RE: CDO MAIL HELP

    Do we have to setup the SMTP to our Exchange Server, or does it act as its own? To setup the SMTP I use Management Console 1.0? Thank You

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    Sathiya Guest

    Default RE: CDO MAIL HELP

    I dont know much details but see the SMTP service ( over the Exchange server) is running in your system or not

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