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    I&#039;m trying to preload some images for rollover effects and having some weird results.<BR>If you go to any of the pages from "favorites" ,type the URL, external link etc, the preload/rollover works great. If you use the site&#039;s navigation, none of the images will preload (delay in the rollover) until you hit the refresh button, then it works perfectly.<BR>Here&#039;s the code, how am I being retarded?<BR>&#060;script language = "javascript"&#062;<BR>/*<BR>Preload images script<BR>*/<BR> if (document.images) { <BR>Image1= new Image(134,40)<BR>Image1.src = "../images/headerImages/classroomOver.gif"<BR>Image2 = new Image(157,40)<BR>Image2.src = "../images/headerImages/OnlineLiveOver.gif"<BR>Image3 = new Image(183,40)<BR>Image3.src = "../images/headerImages/OnlineAnyOver.gif"<BR> } //end if<BR>&#060;/script&#062;<BR>

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    put it in a function, call that function from teh onload event. don&#039;t preload inline.

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