Sorry for the cryptic title. Here is the issue: I have 10 rows of 9 fields loaded with field information from my database in a pageset into my changeSoftForm.asp, for changing and then submitting those values. However, I want to add a Discount calculation function on each row, to change the Cost value. <BR><BR>The real kicker is that I use a counter variable as part of each field name, such as &#060;%=counter%&#062;.fieldname, to submit each row for processing. (A handy technique I learned right here at!) I want to pass that counter value as part of my function call for each row, so that I could enter a 10 for the percentage and have the cost field change. Below is my function and a piece of my changeSoftForm.asp code that calls it. The &#060;%=j%&#062; in the function call is my counter variable.<BR><BR>Any thoughts and comments are welcome. <BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>Don Smallwood<BR>