I want to be able to re-use my code in several different web sites I am developing. I want to be able to add, improve and debug components in only one place so it affects all other sites, but do not want to go back an dchange code in the old sites when i improve the component. Looks like web services are the answer - BUT:<BR>1 - If pages in the site will request several web services - wouldn&#039;t that slow perfromance down siginificantly?<BR>2 - what will happen when i develope site number 20 that i also need teh service to also do this or that it didn&#039;t before - is it going to be mangable to keep it backwards compatible?<BR>3 - if many web sites are calling on the one service from one site would that affect that site&#039;s and the service&#039;s performance?<BR><BR>