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    I want to do a comparison - when a authenticated user is making an addition to a table I want to ensure that the primary key value entered in the text field does not already exist. I want for example "HELLO" to be seen as the same thing as "hello". At the moment the validation will work for an exact match but sees a lower case entry as different to an upper case entry and submits the form - leaving the user with an ugly database error message. Everything is entered into the database in upper case, so if I could transform the value in the text field to uppercase before doing the comparison maybe it would solve the problem - how can I do this??

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    Ucase(string)<BR>But you should also cheack the StrComp funcion. See Details at:<BR><BR>http://www.devguru.com/Technologies/vbscript/quickref/strcomp.html<BR><BR>read there about the Binary comparison and the Text comparison...<BR><BR>Ran

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