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    Hass Guest

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    I am having trouble understanding Application & Session objects and the Global.asa file. The book I am working through does not explain these areas very well.<BR><BR>I really need to see some script example to help me understand. If you can point me in the right direction please email me.<BR><BR>Hass.<BR><BR>

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    Jason Cochran Guest

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    ASP uses Session variables between the server and each client that is connected in session. The values for these variables exist only between the individual client and the server and do not affect other sessions (clients).<BR><BR>Application variables span the scope of the entire application. An example of these might be:<BR>Session variable Session("loginname") may hold the login ID of the client and if this was displayed to the client, it would only contain that client&#039s name even though there are many sessions. On the other hand, an Application variable such as Application("usercount") might contain a number reflecting the total number of users that are currently connected to that application and this value would be the same across the entire app regardless of what session you were in.<BR><BR>Make sense?<BR>Jason<BR>

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