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    &nbsp;<BR>How can i validate e register form (register.asp) of a user that is filling the form an then when this person presses submit the validate.asp tells to the person if there is any erros such as , " You have not Filled The name Field ", or like " U have to choose one of the options ", but when i tried to do this i couldnt make in a way that when the person fill correctly the register.asp, the validate.asp dont show anything, but when there is some erros the validate.asp also didnt show anything, how can i do this??<BR><BR>

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    Or maybe<BR><BR>You need to learn how to validate a form using JavaScript. Start out by not doing validation in ASP code. Use the JS code to do it.<BR><BR>If you really want to do it with ASP code, you&#039;ll have to show your code that didn&#039;t work. There are simply too many ways to do it for us to guess what mistakes you made.<BR><BR>

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