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    Now I know I can type in HTML code into VB but is it possible to have even parts of ASP code included e.g. things like Request.Form, Request.QueryString, Session("User") and so forth and if so which one can I have in COM and which ones I can&#039;t.<BR><BR>The reason I&#039;m asking is that I intend to minimise coding with the ASP page itself an include majority in COM.<BR><BR>The other query I have is that how different is VB.NET from VB. Does teh coding differ? Can I use VB.NET to compile VB code and use it as COM.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default If you are going that path...

    ...maybe it&#039;s time to bite the bullet and learn VB.NET.<BR><BR>Did you know there is now a free tool for doing ASP.NET?<BR><BR>Just go to http://www.asp.net and read and download. And be sure to download, print, and read the free PDF book (well, the first few chapters thereof).<BR><BR>ANYWAY...<BR><BR>Yeah, you *can* use Request and Session, et al., by first getting the "Context" of the current user. No, I&#039;ve never done it, but it&#039;s supposed to be pretty easy to do.<BR><BR>But ASP.NET is here to stay and old-style ASP is (slowly, but inevitably) on its way out, so if you are going to invest time in learning something new I know what I&#039;d choose.<BR><BR>

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