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    hello ,<BR> I read some articles about SSL and it had inspired to check SSL in our companys site.<BR> I ve got one test id from verisign and successfully installed in the server(IIS 4.0)<BR>When i am accessing it from the client browser it tells the error like it should be https:// and not http://,<BR>and when i added https:// it gave the following error message in IE.<BR><BR> 403 HTTP Error<BR>Secure Sockets attempted to use a restricted port -- CONNECT command refused!<BR><BR>This problem is typically caused by a secure server that is not properly configured, or by an application attempting to access a protocol other than SSL<BR> through the SSL proxy.This restriction can be disabled in the HTTP Setup in WinProxy.<BR><BR>In NS after i added https:// a popup came saying that it cannot find the server.<BR><BR>I dont even have any remote idea about why this is happening.<BR>I ve used port 443 for SSL.<BR><BR>Please help me.<BR>Thank fully<BR>sri<BR><BR>

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    Best is go to Verisign site they have article on how to install certificate and other stuff i think that can solve your problem. their are many steps in installing the SSL so if you had done anything wrong in one step also difficult to find. check whether you had installed the Key in correct directory or not

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