Hi, <BR>I have declared a custom user control that dynamically creates a drop down list based on a given class name and optional where and order by strings for the ordering of the drop down box. I also want to be able to dynamically declare the selected item in the list based on a page level variable (i.e. the ID of the session&#039;s active user). <BR><BR>The user control tag looks like: <BR>&#060;ppip:MyDropDown runat="server" order="ID DESC" selectedID = user.genderID className="lookups.Genders"/&#062; <BR><BR>The "selectedID" property will be given based on the genderID of the current user object. It will not let me assign a variable to the selectedID property. I already tried putting the variable in the traditional ASP &#060;%= %&#062; tags, no luck there. Does anyone know how this can be done? <BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>Craig