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    Hi.<BR><BR>Got a problem:<BR>I have a site with user logins, and they are validated in a Access MDB. When they want to leave, a script is running and ending the session.<BR>How is it possible to list all active sessions?<BR><BR>I can use:<BR>&#060;%session("name")%&#062;<BR>to get the name of the current session, but i want to list all names that are currently active.<BR>Is there a way to do this, or do i have to add a "active" field in my database, which i check when the user is logged in?<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Roald

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    i am confused as to WHY you may want to do this, BUT it is possible.<BR><BR>when you allocate the session variable &#039name&#039 you have a few options as to where to strore your list:<BR><BR>* use an application array<BR>* write to a txt file using the FileSystemObject<BR>* record the info in a db table<BR><BR>i would probably go with the &#039active&#039 field in the database though. its only 2 extra bits. i guess you will also have to use the Session_OnEnd proc in global.asa also.

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    Ok, thanks.<BR>I&#039ll go with the active field.<BR><BR>Best regards,<BR>Roald

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