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    I have some SQL sentences into my ASP code that, althought pretty complex, seemed to work fine and fast months ago. But, recently, these instructions have started to give me problems when I use the Open method for recordsets. They&#039;ve become amazingly slow, and many of them are giving a "Time out expired" message. Could it be something related to the enormous growing of our database&#039;s records quantity? If so, what could I do to avoid this kind of things? Are there some techniques for speeding queries that I should be aware of?<BR><BR>I wouldn&#039;t like to use the CommandTimeout property for recordsets. Althougth it can give time for SQL Server to answer to query requests, I need to make my ASP pages faster, not slower.<BR><BR>Thanks a lot to everybody!<BR><BR><BR>Juliio

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    Default Well you could try

    increasing the time out and MAYBE hone your quries.....<BR><BR><BR><BR>try using SPs everywhere and make sure you have indexes and stuff on your tables

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