I have wrote the following store procedure the will be called from VB. The VB and Store procedure program are working fine but I have asked to insert a count that will appear in the listviewbut I am not sure now insert a count that will appear in my listview. Do I eneter it in the store procedure or do I do it in the VB program<BR><BR>@DateFrom datetime,<BR>@DateTo datetime,<BR>@UserID varChar (30)<BR><BR>AS<BR><BR>SELECT <BR> a.create_date, b.userfrom<BR>FROM <BR> task a, assignmenthistory b<BR>WHERE<BR> a.taskid = b.taskid<BR> and a.create_date &#062;= @DateFrom<BR> and a.create_date &#060; @DateTo<BR> and a.batchid is not null<BR> and b.reassignmentreasonid = 5<BR> and b.userfrom = @UserID<BR><BR>order by a.create_date<BR><BR><BR>