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    Hello there!<BR>I am using a frameset with 5 frames. When I click a link in one of the frames, another frame is reloaded. However, I send a querystring into the frame to be reloaded, and this querystring sets the action in that form (looks like http://localhost/myapp/bottomcontents.aspx?tid=3139&rtid=58). This is strange, since I already have set the action on the bottomcontents.aspx page. <BR>When a link in the bottomcontents.aspx page is clicked, it should post the selected items onto the next frame, therefore a workaround would be to simply change the action of the form, before submitting. However, I rather not do this since there is something that is fishy... <BR>Has anyone experienced this type of problem?<BR><BR>Best regards<BR><BR>/Steffan

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    Hi <BR><BR>If i&#039;ve correctly understand your problem - there is the solution..<BR>the problem is that .NET forms can post only to it self (mean from FORM). If you will specify some action - for example <BR>&#060;form id="x1" method=post action="xxx.aspx"&#062; but current page is yyy.aspx it will post anyway to yyy.aspx, not to xxx.aspx<BR><BR>way to solve it - post to it self, perform required action in onload or in code for button, after Response.redirect to some stub page that will manually (by client javascript) post to required frame.<BR>not smart ...but works..<BR>Maybe there some other solution...but I don&#039;t know it<BR>best regards

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