I have 3 asp pages. The first page is "article.asp" which contains article. when the user clicks on email <BR>this article hyperlink it goes to the second page named "email.asp" which contains the recipient name,<BR>recipient email, sender name, sender email. when the user fills in all the fields it goes to<BR>"result.asp" which shows a message "Your email has been sent successfully".<BR><BR>Now i want to implement the following things:-<BR><BR>1. when the user does not fills in anyone of the fields say for example: recipient email field<BR>then it should show a message please fill "recipient email address" in the same page of the email.asp<BR><BR>2. if the users typed 3 fields and misses 1 field (i.e) the field of recipient email and while<BR>showing him a message.."please fill recipient email address" all the other fields he has typed<BR>before should be there when the page is refreshed and showing a message.<BR><BR>3. in the result.asp page...i want to give a hyperlink back to article and when the user clicks on<BR>it...it should go directly to the article.asp page.<BR><BR>please can anyone give me a detailed explanation how to do this.<BR><BR>awaiting for all your replies<BR><BR>luv<BR>jerry