I&#039;m trying to simply get quotes around each value in a CSV. I&#039;ve already taken the Recordset string and replaced the tabs with commas with quotes around it ( "," ) now all I need to do is get quotes around each line, and then every value will be surrounded with quotes. The application that imports the CSV file will take a CSV w/out the quotes around each object, but I&#039;m just trying to ensure that if there were commas included in an value in the CSV that it will remain as one value when imported by the application. <BR><BR>When I try to replace the vbCrLf line break with "vbCrLf" there is no change. If that would&#039;ve worked then I would&#039;ve just tacked a quotation mark to the beginning and end of the string and then went on my merry way. <BR><BR>If there is a quicker and easier way to get quotes around each value I&#039;d appreciate knowing how. There probably is a better way, I just haven&#039;t learned it yet. Thanks for the help! <BR><BR>&#060;% Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") <BR> Set Results = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") <BR> <BR> SQL = "SELECT * FROM Kiosk_Orders" <BR> Conn.Open ("toConvert") <BR> Results.Open SQL,Conn,1,2 <BR> NewResults = Results.GetString() <BR> <BR> t = chr(9) <BR> q = chr(34) <BR> r = (q & "," & q) <BR> v = vbCrLf <BR> s = (q & v & q) <BR><BR> NewResults = Replace(NewResults, t, r) <BR> NewResults = (q & NewResults) <BR> NewResults = Replace(NewResults, v, s) <BR><BR> Response.Write("&#060;pre&#062;" & NewResults & "&#060;/pre&#062;") <BR> Session("NewResults") = NewResults <BR><BR> Results.Close <BR> Conn.Close <BR> Set Results = Nothing <BR> Set Conn = Nothing %&#062;