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    I have been trying to use sessions to keep track of my users accessing my db. However, the sessions seems not to be maintain by the server. It seems that this happens everytime I even look at the global.asa I don't even have to save it or update the files just open it as read only. I notice that if I remove the global.asa from the directory and put it back it resets the application and then I can go back and start counting my users. This is ofcourse unacceptable. Also, when the sessions are maintain by the system, the session_onend does not work, I have it where the server as soon as the sessions time out it will wright the time to a database. Does anyone have an idea of how to get this global.asa working right. I don't like the ideas of just continually checking the server to make sure the sessions are working neither I want to find out that the sessions are not working the hard way, ie a user calling and saying IT DOESN'T WORK. : (

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    First, DONT CROSSPOST<BR><BR>Second - I wonder if you "opening it as read only" locks the file, preventing other sessions from starting, and blowing up your other sessions

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    Default Yep...that's the specs...

    ANY perceived change to Global.ASA constitutes a reset of the server. That&#039;s what the specifications say. You are stuck with it.<BR><BR>

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