Hello,<BR><BR>I am trying to import a dBase table, "detail.dbf" into SQL Server 7 using the DTS&#039;s import method. Everytime I try to import the table, I get the following error:<BR><BR> Error at Source for Row number 1093074. Errors<BR> encountered so far in this task: 1.<BR> General error -2147217887 (80040E21).<BR> Data for source column 1 (&#039;invoicenum&#039;) is not<BR> available.<BR> Record is deleted.<BR> The search key was not found in any record.<BR><BR>Two fields in this table make up the primary key and none of them are NULL so why would I get the above error? I&#039;ve been trying every possible way to get this done for the past two days, but with no avail! The table&#039;s design hasn&#039;t changed in anyway and I have successfully imported this very same table into SQL 7 previously so this recent error is not making any sense to me!<BR><BR>If you have any idea on why this would happen or what the error means exactly, please-please advise!<BR><BR>Thank You Much,<BR>Jayna