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    What is a good web page development tool, that will allow me to create a professional looking website? I am using frontpage 2000, but its no too powerful. Or should I be using a separate graphics program with any tool and is that better?

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    Default hey again Mike666...

    The options are vast... <BR><BR>It all depends on what you want to do! <BR><BR>For graphically intensive sites, you should have a good graphics program, my favorites are Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Fireworks (great line art features, and quick to use). I only create the graphics and DO NOT USE the export feature where it can generate the Javascript for me. Those function are horribly inefficient (when ppl post their Macromedia generated code here asking us to decipher it.. I shiver!!). <BR><BR>Also, for Flash.. you need MM Flash (duh). You can create lots of interactive pages now with it. Version 6 has great scripting and databases can interact with it in a simpler fashion.<BR><BR>For programming the pages, you can use the very popular WYSIWYG tool, Macromedia Dreamweaver/UltraDev. It&#039;s a pretty complete tool. It is now optimized for Cold Fusion in it&#039;s MX version (Macromedia bought Cold Fusion...). I used to use MM DW but now I&#039;ve stopped since I work under the hood primarily. None-the-less for quick projects, where efficiencies aren&#039;t of concern, use it. I mean I use it but in HTML/Coders mode. <BR><BR>Another tool that&#039;s popular is Visual Studio. The .Net version is redesigned, and you can also see what&#039;s going on. This is robust, nice, and I&#039;m starting to use it lots (since I just got VS.Net in the mail a few days ago). <BR><BR>Overall, being comfy with HTML/Javascript, etc, as well as with graphic programs will help integrate these 2 domains. <BR><BR>Hope this helped somewhat.<BR><BR>-Vadim C.<BR><BR>

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    Default There isn't one

    Or rather the only one is in your head. To make professional looking sites you should be comfortable coding HTML directly. If you become dependent on FrontPage or Dreamweaver, etc. then you&#039;re stuck with the pre-gen&#039;d HTML it spits out. If you have to use a WYSIWYG tool because you&#039;re new to this, use Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver&#039;s code is bad, but FrontPage&#039;s code is completely unreadable. Once you develop a site in Dreamweaver though, you&#039;re stuck using it to do all your modifications, hand coding will be hard.<BR><BR>If you get a chance to do something that&#039;s internal take the opportunity to do all the coding by hand. HTML-Kit is my favorite (and completely free) tool for hand coding. Available from chami.com.<BR><BR>Fireworks is a good web graphics program.

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