Scenario:<BR> I have a developed a web application using ASP, SQL server as back-end on NT machine. The SQLserver, IIS are running on the same machine. When I created a DSN using ODBC administrator, I have choosen "SQL server authentication<BR>using a login ID and passwd entered by user" and I checked "Connect to SQL server" box and gave "sa" as LoginId.<BR>In my Web application, in the first ASP screen, the user will enter the UserID and password<BR>and if the userID is a valid UserID for that SQLserver database, the user will be logged onto<BR>my application otherwise, he needs to re-enter the UserID and password again till it matches the<BR>SQL server UserID. When I logon to NT machine as a user belonging to Administrator group, <BR>everything goes well according to the plan. So far so good.<BR><BR>Problem situation:<BR> But when I logon to NT machine as user who doesn&#039t belong<BR>to Administrator group, when the user enters the UserID and password ODBC driver gives an error<BR>saying that the UserId doen&#039t exist though the UserID exists in the SQL server.<BR><BR>I am not aware if we have to do some setting on IIS server security. I haven&#039t touched till now.<BR><BR>I don&#039t know what to do. Could someone give me some ideas please.<BR>Kindly help me.<BR><BR>Thank You<BR>Nath