Hai,<BR><BR>I have a problem, when I try to insert values from Html form into ACCESS Database. My form has 26 fields and the same in ACCESS.<BR><BR>The problem is:<BR><BR>PWS disconnects in the middle before I fill and send the request to Database from the HTML.<BR>MY HTML page do not show any err message, but if i see the &#039ACTIVE CONNECTION tab&#039 in "Personel Web Manager" it shows &#0390&#039.<BR><BR>I used &#039IsClientConnected&#039 function, to check the client is still connected or not. It is also assuring the same.<BR>I also used &#039Session.TimeOut&#039 and &#039Server.ScriptTimeOut&#039 Objects<BR>but it is of no use.<BR><BR>I am struggling with this for a week.<BR><BR>Kindly suggest.<BR><BR><BR>Balaji. V