As you know I am a new in ASP. Having said that, can you explain why <BR>I can not access a VERY simple cookie from client but I can access it from <BR>the web server?<BR><BR>OK. I guess I should be more detailed.<BR>SETUP: I have IIS 4 web server, SQL 7 db engine, and I use ASP to create a cookie.<BR>Actually, I was going through a tutorial...<BR>1st. I ask for the data to be inputted by user in a Form<BR>2nd. I POST the data into a ASP script.<BR>3rd. In this script I set the Cookie up<BR>4th. I try to display the value stored in the cookie<BR><BR>Now here is the way I got to my error<BR>I went through the demo (in the tutorial site)... it worked fine.<BR>I copied the code into my web server. I tried it on the server ... it worked fine<BR>I tried to access it from 2 different clients ... it does not work!!!!!<BR>Please note that Cookies are enabled in both clients.