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    Default download speed to be improved

    I have tif files on the server in the binary format. When requested by the client, these are converted to the required format by using binarywrite method in ASP. I need to minimize the download time . But i can make changes on the server. <BR>These r the options Iam trying if u or anybody else has a better idea or approach do let me know<BR><BR>1) To change the file format from existing tif. to pdf. and then compress it to a smaller file as will reduce time to download the file. This also didn’t work as the file size increases in pdf. n after compression its equivalent to the same tif size. Is there any other format in which the file size reduces or some compression software available, which reduces the size dramatically? <BR><BR>2) Is there any software available which would increase the download speed? <BR><BR>

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    Default JEPG?

    I&#039;d convert it to a JPEG if I were you, and think about doing it at upload time and storing it, rather than doing it evey time it&#039;s downloaded. There are a limited number of graphics components that can handle TIFs, have a look on<BR><BR>ImageGlue from is excellent and can handle *loads* of different formats.

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    Default Mr Sid Software

    There is a software product called Mr Sid by LizardtTech that conmpresses images on the fly. It is used in map applications for things like aerial photography.

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