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    We have a web site running IIS 5.0 on Windows 2000 Advanced Server with all the lates updates to IIS and Windows 2000. Intermittently the pages will hang up and we have to restart IIS. This problem happens at different times. I want to know of different troubleshooting methods I can use. I am now writing to logs at different times to follow application to see what page is the last to be activated and it's a different one each time. I have also checked the IIS logs. This application interfaces with SQLServer 2000 and the mainframe with a third party component but doesn't seem to hang on one or the other. This web application has been in production for about eight months and has hung up only a few times but that is too many. TIA

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    Default Check the code

    if the code is written poorly, pages will hang over time as memory slowly runs out<BR><BR>also if there are other running process intensive apps, memory will be at a premium

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    Default perfmon

    Log into the box with terminal services and Run: perfmon and watch what&#039;s going on with the application. Might help you spot bottlenecks (memory, threads, etc.)<BR><BR>You don&#039;t have application level objects do you?

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