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    Hi all,<BR><BR>How do I do this in ASP?<BR><BR>Basically I want loop through the PRODUCT (sql table) and Display all the <BR>UserName Fields first. And loop again displaying all other Fields in similar <BR>format. (HTML table)<BR><BR><BR> UserName Jim Smith<BR><BR><BR> Added ProductID Reference DocumentType<BR><BR> 01/04/01 230 0742xd34 Case<BR> 24/04/01 232 0742xd33 Case<BR> 23/02/01 232 074wxd34 Case<BR> 23/03/01 234 0742sd34 Hold<BR><BR><BR> User Name Paul Jones<BR><BR><BR> Added ProductID Reference DocumentType<BR><BR> 01/04/02 231 0742xd36 Case<BR> 23/04/01 252 0742xd32 Hold<BR> 23/02/02 252 0742xd32 Case<BR> 05/03/01 274 0742sd34 Hold<BR><BR><BR>Lots moreā€¦<BR><BR>Many Thanks<BR><BR>DP<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Category: Databases, General<BR><BR>Take a look at the FAQ on grouping categories and subcategories.<BR><BR>And, btw, we don&#039;t care if this is urgent or not.

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