I am getting the below error message when i try a script for textual search. I filter out the html tags in each page using regular expressions before starting the search. My script is working fine atmy home PC and at one of the other servers. But somehow its not working in the server in which i want it to be working. I get the below error message whenever i run the script. I contacted the server people they said they don&#039;t know how to clear this error. Can anyone help me out here? please help. How can i correct the error in the server? The server is using VBScript version 5.5 <BR><BR>=================================<BR><BR>e rror &#039;8002801d&#039; <BR>Library not registered. <BR><BR>/TextSearch.asp, line 26 <BR>(Line 44 is "Set objRegExp = New RegExp")<BR>==================================