I&#039;ve written an SQL Query that retrieves the highest rating punchline (it&#039;s a humor contest) of each day over a period of time. However, it takes so long to process, it often gives a server timeout error. Is it due to the complexity of the query (with 2 subqueries and I&#039;m using MS Access) or something else? Is there a way to stop the timeouts happening?<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM Punchlines P <BR>WHERE punchlineid IN <BR> (SELECT MIN(punchlineid) FROM Punchlines <BR> WHERE ratingavg IN <BR> (SELECT MAX(ratingavg) FROM Punchlines <BR> WHERE punchlinedate = P.punchlinedate <BR> AND ratingqty &#062;= 3 AND compid = " & compid & ")) <BR>ORDER BY punchlinedate