I&#039;m using mssql 2000 with service pack 2 on windows 2000 server with the most recent service pack.<BR><BR>I was curious about synchronizing messages in the master database, sysmessages, with an external server. I figure one can transfer data from tables using dts, then there is bound to be a way of doing it on a table that is locked down with triggers (which prevents normal dts from working). I am assuming the only way of inserting messages into the sysmessages table is via sp_addmessage, and to synchronize the data one would have to loop through all the data in the development server and run sp_addmessage on the production server row by row. This does not have to be a stored proc, but just a script. In fact, I think it has to be a script because in order to execute the script I have to be dialed out as my company is behind a firewall and the sql port is not opened (thus I cannot use a linked server either). Here is what I was attempting:<BR><BR>Create PROCEDURE ExportSysMessages<BR>AS<BR><BR>declare UserMessages_Cursor cursor for<BR>select error,<BR>severity,<BR>description from server1.master.dbo.sysmessages where error &#062;=50000 <BR>declare @msgnum int,<BR>@severity smallint ,<BR>@msgtext nvarchar(255)<BR><BR>declare @replace varchar(7)<BR>set @replace = &#039;replace&#039;<BR>open UserMessages_Cursor<BR>fetch UserMessages_Cursor <BR>into @msgnum,<BR>@severity ,<BR>@msgtext<BR><BR><BR>while @@fetch_status = 0<BR>begin<BR>EXECUTE server2.master.dbo.sp_addmessage @msgnum,<BR>@severity ,<BR>@msgtext ,<BR>@replace=&#039;replace&#039;<BR><BR>fetch UserMessages_Cursor <BR>into @msgnum,<BR>@severity ,<BR>@msgtext <BR>end<BR>close UserMessages_Cursor<BR>deallocate UserMessages_Cursor<BR><BR><BR>It works fine when server1 = server 2, but, that does me no good since it has to be over the Internet.<BR>